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The Benefits

1    The LED as a light source, emits a higher brightness at a lower cost than the convential lamp. 
2     Instant start, no flickering, good for eyes. 
3     Enviromental friendly, does not contain mercury or lead, and there is no interference. 
4     LED light does not emit any ultraviolet rays which attract mosquitoes, so it helps to keep rooms clean & tidy. 
5     AC changed into DC directly and as a result no flashing occurs hence being very good for the eyes. 
6     Special circuit design. Each LED works separately, any individual Led failure will not cause the LED's to black out. 
7     Maintenance free, no ballast or conventional starter required.
8     Revolutionary pivot head on each end of the tube allows you a 90 degree turning platform. 
9     Energy / cost saving in some cases can be up to 75%

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